Reablement has the purpose of aiding those who have experienced a deterioration in their health resulting in an increased need for assistance to relearn the skills required to keep them independent in their own home. People using reablement can often experience improved physical functioning and greater quality of life compared with receiving standard home care.

People with disabilities and/or mental health problems can experience difficulties when performing daily activities. Unique’s Health and Wellbeing Team can help them to complete these activities, from personal care tasks to days out to places of interest. Having someone to provide support and encouragement can be a source of comfort, and the mere presence of another person can be a source of company and enjoyment.

How We Can Assist
  • Social interaction in the community
  • Support with using public transport and escorting on journeys
  • Company whilst doing hobbies
  • Food preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Emotional support
  • Help with everyday tasks such as shopping
  • Support on a day trip
  • Personal care and continence needs
  • Moving and handling

Engagement in everyday activities can give life meaning and encourage people to regain the control and confidence to shape their own lives. Reablement care focuses on strengthening a person’s skillset so they can manage everyday life and become more self-reliant and independent. Our team members receive thorough training and formal qualifications so they can deliver an exceptional standard of care. Their compassionate attitude ensures they act with dignity and respect whilst delivering sensitive care that accounts for each individual’s needs and interests.

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