If a member of your family has been diagnosed with dementia, our Health and Wellbeing Team can help to manage the physical and emotional symptoms so they can feel as comfortable as possible. We are not a task-based care provider. Rather, we take a holistic approach to care where we consider all aspects of the individual’s physical and mental health to ensure they receive personalised care that is effective for them.

By receiving palliative care at home, it allows the individual to remain in the place they feel comfortable, surrounded by memories and the people they love. We also support the individual’s family, providing practical and emotional support so they can spend quality time with their loved one.

How We Can Assist
  • Mouthcare
  • Nutrition needs
  • Personal care and continence
  • Sensitive and emotional support
  • Safe moving and handling to prevent pressure sores

Practical and emotional support will be provided by a member of our team so your family can make the most of your time together.

Unique’s Carers have specialised knowledge of dementia and the skills to provide quality care throughout all stages, from early diagnosis to the end of life. As dementia progresses, we understand that care requirements change so we constantly review and update care plans. This ensures that the care provided is always relevant, appropriate and accurate.

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