At Unique, we understand that the needs of those diagnosed with Young Onset Dementia are vastly different to the needs of those diagnosed at an older age. The individual may still be at work, have dependent children and be physically well and able. Therefore, we recognise that support should be less focussed on personal care and mobility, and more focussed on companionship, retaining physical and mental health, and participating in activities.

We can provide a member of our Health and Wellbeing Team to accompany you throughout these activities so you can continue to gain enjoyment from them. Whether you enjoy golf, football, gardening, walking, going to cafes or something else, a member of our team can help you pursue your hobbies. By offering assistance, encouragement and companionship, you can be sure that a great time will be had by all involved.

How We Can Assist
  • Social interaction in the community
  • Support with using public transport and escorting on journeys
  • Company whilst doing hobbies
  • Food preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Emotional support
  • Help with everyday tasks such as shopping
  • Support on a day trip
  • Personal care and continence needs
  • Moving and handling

You may require support in other areas, aside from participating in hobbies. This may include doing a food shop, going on holiday or managing relationships with friends and family. We will work with you to fully understand your care requirements so we can create a bespoke care plan that is best suited to you and your current situation. Our Health and Wellbeing Team have specialised knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional care, helping to maintain your independence so you can continue to live well with dementia.

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