Sometimes it can be beneficial to receive emotional support from someone who is not a family member. People may not feel comfortable talking to family members about their concerns in case it causes additional stress. This means they do not share their worries and their mental health can suffer as a result.

Our Health and Wellbeing Team provide emotional support for those who need it so they can offload their worries. They may find it easier talking to someone outside of the family as they have an impartial view. Our team can also be there to listen with no judgement or offers of solutions, as sometimes this is just what a person needs.

How We Can Assist
  • Managing household tasks
  • Participating in hobbies and interests
  • Shopping trips
  • Short excursions or days out
  • Company within the house or outside

Emotional support can be beneficial for other reasons. Older people can feel vulnerable as even a minor fall can be a serious threat to their independence. Knowing this can make them feel anxious about their safety. We can help your loved one to feel safe and in control, giving them the confidence to continue living independently at home. 

Older people can also be more inactive, leading to feelings of boredom and isolation. We can help to prevent these feelings by accompanying your family member on an outing, whether it be a trip to the shop, going for a walk or a day trip to a place of interest. Whatever the need, we can offer emotional support that is sensitive, compassionate and tailored to individual needs and interests.

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