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Awarding winning for a reason

“When my mum was taken ill at Christmas we were desperate to find suitable care for her at short notice. Unique Homecare Services Ltd was recommended to us and they really exceeded expectations. From the very first visit, when they knew very little about mum and her needs, it was obvious that the carers knew what they were doing. They were kind and efficient, reassuring and comforting with a sense of humour and positivity – a breath of fresh air. This service has continued over the months. Our carers are punctual, friendly and always patient and professional. I hope Unique Homecare Services Ltd will continue to flourish and as they grow, retain their very special identity and service.”

Care Of Mum And Dad

My mother had vascular dementia and my father is currently undergoing Chemotherapy. They are both very proud, independent people and I had been trying to persuade them to accept a little help. My major concerns were medication, food and personal hygiene. Unique Homecare Services were visited by my sister in law and she felt they totally understood what we were looking for as a family. I spoke to a carer and met with her and was blown away by her understanding and empathy for our situation. We initially thought 1 visit a day would suffice but quickly decided 2 would be needed. The carers are a breath of fresh air for my parents. They provide exactly what is needed from hugs for mum to understanding my ex-school teacher father’s dry sarcastic sense of humour. They listened to me when I explained what I felt was needed. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they can think for themselves. I can’t praise the carers enough. They show my parents respect and treat them as individuals. Jayne Proudlock  

Care For both Parents

“My parents are both of the proud generation who would normally be against the idea of accepting any form of help. My mother has Vascular Dementia and my father is registered blind and has Myeloma. Unique have provided an unbelievable service, my parents are content, nothing is too much trouble for the carers. They have a full understanding of my mothers condition and some days just sit and help with a jigsaw which is what’s needed. Dad gets as much help as he wants. The carers adapt to whatever situation they encounter when they arrive at my parents. My brother and I live a distance away from our parents and Unique have provided peace of mind. Communication is good.”

Very Impressed By The Standard

“Throughout my experience with Unique, I have been very impressed by the standard of everyone concerned. They have been knowledgeable, concerned, anxious to help, watchful of time, but not obsessed by it.”

Personalised Care For My Dad At Home

“We are very grateful for Unique Home Care’s support at this difficult time. They try very hard to work around our needs and can adapt/adjust quickly. Our main Carer has developed an excellent relationship with my Father and has persevered when it has not been easy. We would highly recommend Unique Homecare Services to others.”

Why Unique ?

“Helpful, reliable, very friendly both office staff and carers. 100% improvement on previous care provider. The service we receive from our care provider is consistently excellent. I particularly appreciate that the care provided is tailored to my needs.Also, that the same care provider attends each time – this is very important for us. I also appreciate the flexibility of the management team who are very responsive to my requirements.”  

Providing A Loving Caring Environment For Her Residents

“I first met Michelle at the Abbeyfield in Garstang. she was much loved by the residents and visitors alike. She really cares about providing a loving caring environment for her residents, and an environment filled with laughter and activities. I met up with Michelle again when I started the memory café her in Garstang and she has helped may of the people who attend to enjoy care within their home which has been tailored to their very specific needs. From experience with my own husband I know how important a personal programme of care is to the wellbeing of the person living with dementia but also to their primary carer and family members. Michelle can provide this personalised service because she completely understands the vagaries of dementia and that a universal approach is not the right one. If I had to make the choice of help with a loved one again or in the future for myself I would choose to be under Michelle’s care because I know that her personal standards are of the highest and the staff who are trained by her and work with her will be of the same calibre.” Lancashire County Councillor

A Real Champion For The Elderly

“You would struggle to find anyone more committed to improving the lives of elderly people than Michelle. I have worked with her in the past and her solutions focused attitude to everything leaves a trail of improvement behind her. a real champion for the elderly. Expect great things.” Sue Murgatroyd

Passionate About Providing A Positive Environment

“I have known Michelle for over 10 years when she worked for a large Housing company. At the time I was a visiting Holistic therapist. Michelle was always seen to be ensuring the safety and the happiness of her clients. She is a creative and innovative individual , who is clearly passionate about providing a positive environment for her clients , where their Mental and Physical health , and wellbeing is at the heart of her intentions and work ethic.” www.theholisticcoachhouse.co.uk

Well Trained And Compassionate Staff

“This is a service like no other. Tailored to each individual’s needs no matter how complex. Led by experienced and caring management and executed by well trained and compassionate staff. This is truly the way forward for those living with dementia.” Sandra Perkins – Dementia café Garstang , Lancashire County Council

Dealing With Michelle Restored Our Faith In Care At Home

“Dealing with Michelle restored our faith in care at home. After a bad experience with another company that made my Mum reluctant and wary about continuing to have the much needed help, within minutes of meeting Michelle she was laughing and chatting. They struck up an immediate bond and throughout, Michelle’s approach to supporting my Mum was faultless. She quickly built up a rapport with Mum looking forward to visits. The added bonus was the reassurance for the family that someone was looking out for our Mum with as much care and attention as if she were family herself.”

The Best

“God Bless you and your team as your vision for homecare is the best.” Beryl Richardson

We are a new Home Care company who required a trainer for Moving & Handling of People (Back care), we were signposted to Unique Home Care in Lancaster.

I made initial contact with Michelle Thompson (Managing Director) who was exceptionally polite, helpful and courteous. Michelle talked me through the training they provide, detailing the various modules and what each session entails, breaking down the learning for each participant, and the outcome for each learner after successfully completing the training. Scheduling the training was made easy, Michelle recognised the difficulties a new service may experience arranging two training sessions over one day – Michelle understood our need, and was flexible with our requests around the times and venue.

Emma (Unique Home Care Trainer) made contact with me prior to the training discussing the details for the day, and on the morning of the training day. She arrived before time and like Michelle was kind and courteous. I attended the training myself, Emma was knowledgeable in the subject, kept each group focused and made the training sessions an enjoyable experience for each participant. She kept all the participants engaged during the training added humour to make the training fun for all. Emma was knowledgeable on the human anatomy concerning good back care, provided a holistic view on the effects of back care in relation to tasks we undertake at home, during recreation, hobbies etc. She allowed for a question and answer session at the end and ensured all the participants had a chance to raise questions and went away feeling satisfied and equipped to undertake their roles with the right knowledge and training. Emma was motivating, helpful, well prepared with a program designed to achieve the desired outcome for the training. Emma was a well suited trainer, expert in her subject who ensured all participants took part in the learning.

I would highly recommend Unique Home care trainers following our highly positive experience

Mazar Hussain – Personalized Care Services