If you’re looking for care for your parents in Cumbria, there are a number of things you need to consider. As well as finding the right company to provide support, you need to ensure that they’re doing as much as possible to improve their health and that includes following a healthy diet.

However, malnutrition is a common problem among elderly people in the UK, with around 1.3 million people living with malnutrition or thought to be at risk of being malnourished.

A new project carried out by Professor Jane Murphy at Bournemouth University aims to help tackle exactly this problem.

Professor Murphy has been carrying out research into new ways to not only identify those at risk of malnutrition but also to find effective solutions to the problem.

“Through this work, we’ve developed new training materials and resources that are straightforward, simple and easy to use,” she explained.

The tools she’s developed include a nutrition wheel, to help carers, volunteers and others to have conversations with people about their nutrition and to encourage them to change their diet where necessary.

According to the British Nutrition Foundation, there are some common issues that we all face as we age, such as our skin’s declining ability to produce vitamin D from sunlight. This means eating food rich in the vitamin or taking supplements is often necessary as we age.

The organisation also points out that good nutrition and regular exercise are two of the most important factors in preventing a range of age-related conditions, including cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline and bone and joint health.