The care workers who join Unique Homecare are committed to providing a friendly and caring service for everyone they look after. In some cases, they’ll be rustling up meals for the people they’re caring for, which is why we feel it’s so important that they can cook and prepare healthy, nutritious meals.

As a result, we give all our care workers cookery lessons. We believe that dementia care should include a good diet and exercise, alongside personalised care.

Michelle Thompson, managing director at Unique Homecare, explained that it’s not simply about cooking a meal and presenting it to someone though.

Part of the process is in shopping for ingredients together, and making the meal, as well as eating it, together.

“Sitting down and eating is a very social thing and people will eat much more if they are eating with someone rather than on their own,” Ms Thompson explained.

But this is just one part of the service provided by the staff at Unique Homecare. Care worker Chris Round told the Homecare website that as part of his work with John Sowden, who has Alzheimer’s, he’s been taking John fishing.

Mr Round explained that it was a passion of John’s and that reintroducing it to his life has had a number of benefits. One of them is that he feels much more relaxed after he’s been fishing, which means he gets less agitated in the evenings when he’s with his wife. Mr Round added that it’s also allowed them to build a great relationship.

“Care is much more than helping someone get up, it’s about the impact you can make on someone’s life for the better,” Mr Round stated.