Caring for those family members suffering from dementia is a unique part of the home care service we provide, and one that can help alive a lot of the pressure surrounding the illness. One of the more taxing parts of this disease is its degenerative nature, however, with a breakthrough discovery of a new kind of dementia comes some fresh hopes that previous treatments may not have been as effective as they could have been.

The new form of dementia is said to mimic the effects of Alzheimers, including mood disorders, memory problems and decline of the cognitive state, and the study has concluded that a significant number of those over the age of 80 who may have been receiving treatment for Alzheimers, may actually be suffering from this strain of dementia, known as LATE according to The Guardian.

Robert Howard, a professor of old age psychiatry at University College London, said that for years they have been puzzled by those patients showing signs of Alzheimers who do not also demonstrate the pathological instances of the condition, as well as those in who the condition doesn’t progress as rapidly. “We now know that these puzzling patients are probably suffering from LATE and not Alzheimer’s disease and that LATE may be ‘mimicking’ Alzheimer’s in about 20% of cases,” he said.

While the identification of this dementia is in its early stages, it’s worth noting that the treatment for Alzheimers and LATE will probably be different in the future, and also that previous testing of Alzheimers treatments may have been diluted by test subjects who are suffering from LATE instead.