Husbands and wives might be in a flurry of buying each other Valentine’s Day cards and gifts, but the best gesture of love to give your partner this February 14th is to check for early signs of dementia.

This is according to Scott Mitchell, husband of Dame Barbara Windsor, who has told the press seeking help as early as possible for his wife of 25 years meant she could live “as fully as possible”.

Mr Mitchell stated: “It’s so important to catch the signs early enough to ensure that you, your family, and your loved one receive the support available from the NHS and charities like Alzheimer’s Society, so they can face the challenges dementia creates.”

He went on to say diagnosing Dame Windsor, 81, early allowed them to come to terms with the condition, and even enabled the actress to continue working for two more years after her diagnosis.

NHS England’s national clinical director for dementia professor Alistair Burns said many loved ones typically put symptoms down to signs of ageing, which is how it “often goes unnoticed in people we know intimately”.

Some of the signs to look out for in your partner include depression, repeating questions, confusion, poor concentration, and mood swings.

You might also notice problems with language, a habit misplacing items, social withdrawal, trouble with spatial awareness and images, and disorientation to time and place, according to the Alzheimer’s Society.

If your loved one suffers from dementia and you need help looking after them, consider homecare in Cumbria, enabling your partner to continue having as much independence as possible while receiving the highest standard of care.