Online Dementia Workshop

Are you supporting someone with dementia? Do you feel that you don’t know how to cope or manage with your loved one? If so, why not sign up for our dementia workshop. This workshop was designed specifically for people like you. Unfortunately, after diagnosis, loved ones are often not given enough information on what is happening, the changes that may come and how to manage and cope with these changes.

The dementia workshop is a 7 week course that covers a broad range of topics that people want to know about from diagnosis onwards. We believe that knowledge is power and we want to pass on information to the people who need it most; family members, carers and loved ones. The course will be held every Tuesday at 2pm. The course is made up of the following sessions:

Online Knowledge and Information Sessions

  • What is dementia? The journey’s beginning
  • Strategies and tips after diagnosis
  • Improving and understanding communication
  • The importance of surroundings and home environment to a person who has dementia
  • How to live well with dementia
  • Dementia care options (including future care planning and legalities)
  • Breaking the taboo of end of life care

If you are not able to attend all of the 7 sessions of the dementia workshop, feel free to book onto any of the individual sessions listed above separately via our website. Sessions will be held every Tuesday at 2pm.

Online Support Groups

A lot of people say that once their loved one gets a diagnosis of dementia, the world can often feel like a lonely and isolating place. We are here to reassure you that this is certainly not the case. We have set up weekly support groups to enable all who attend to see that they really are not alone. So why not come along and have a chat, meet people who are going through or have been through the same thoughts and feelings as you and therefore, have the best understanding of all.

  • Dementia Loved Ones and Carers support groups will be held every Wednesday at 11am and 2pm.
  • Young Onset Dementia support groups will be held every Thursday at 11am and 2pm.

How to book a place or find out more information

You can find more information at our Dementia Events page, contact us by email at or call 01524 751 751.