Considering introducing someone from Unique Homecare into your treatment plan is a serious decision. There is stress and fear associated with allowing someone to help take care of you or your loved one. We understand that this is not an easy decision. That’s why at Unique Homecare, we only hire people who we would want to take care of us and our family. To prove it to you, we would like to introduce you to what we look for in a potential hire.

Here at Unique Homecare, we look for someone who does all of the following.

Gives us all peace of mind

As a care provider, applicants are screened for their ability to be calm and confident. Providing care can lead to stressful situations and encountering people in panic. Our caregivers are all selected for their ability to prove reassurance.

Makes a difference

Our employees are selected for their passion about providing quality care. Caregiving is not a profession, it is a calling. We look for applicants who share our mission to provide quality care to everyone who needs it. They understand the significance of good care and the impact that it has on an individual’s quality of life.

Keeps me at home

Homes provide comfort and stability in trying times. As a result, our caregivers are all trained and selected for their willingness to commit to keeping patients in their homes for as long as possible. Staying at home is a sign of normalcy and independence; no one should have to give that up before it is absolutely necessary.

Keeps me safe and well

Everyone we hire is trained and prepared for any situation. Safety and wellness are key to this process.

Their training should provide peace of mind for the patient’s family as well. We want to be confident that everyone they care for is receiving the best possible care. While the exact requirements vary depending on the position, we look for people with experience and education in the field of caregiving.

Promotes my independence

Independence is an important right that no one should forfeit. We look for caregivers that know how to find and practice the right balance of providing care and giving a patient space to perform the tasks they can.

Cares for me

Our caregivers are not only trained but attentive and sensitive to needs. This focus ensures that patients are always cared for physically and emotionally. Their attention is derived from a true love of their clients. It is important for everyone, the patient, the patient’s family, and the caregiver, that the relationship between caregiver and patient be more than just that of a client and service provider. We believe that the best care comes from people who are committed to the health and wellness of their patients. The bond between caregiver and patient is crucial to providing good care. That is why we search for individuals who care deeply for patients and demonstrate passion not only about their calling in general, but their specific role in a patient’s treatment plan.