Sometime ago now the Military Wives Choir released a song with the lyrics. “TOGETHER we are stronger ”

In the Care industry, teamwork is vital, working together to provide the very best care for those we support.

There is another challenge relating to teamwork and that is working together with our clients… ensuring that we work in partnership to promote their wellbeing and enable them to maintain their dignity and independence. It is so easy to visit a person to care for them and be tempted to undertake all tasks for them . After all this can be quicker and safer and easier!!

Here’s a challenge …

Imagine this scenario ..

One day you wake up and someone is standing at the end of your bed. They are wearing a badge so you feel they must be some kind of nurse / carer. They tell you it is time to get up and then proceed to lift your legs out of bed.

The next thing you know a face cloth is being moved around your face giving you a “really good wash”

As you start to think what to wear , a blouse is put over your head, followed by the rest of the outfit chosen for you. Downstairs you are given tablets and Rice Krispies.This person is nice so you don’t feel like objecting too much. Before they leave they put on your TV on BBC 2 as of course you will enjoy Gardeners World.

And so it could go on ..

This scenario may sound far fetched but sadly is a reality for many.The individuals we care for have already suffered losses, whether this be loss  of a spouse, loss of a home, loss of mobility. We need to work in a person centred way that minimises any further loss.

When we visit someone to change their bed, allow them to help even if it’s just holding a corner of the duvet cover. As we assist individuals to dress let’s give them choice, even if it’s a particular colour outfit. Allow them to make a cup of tea for us ( even if it’s half tea and half coffee !! )

Teamwork, inclusion, person centred care  preserves dignity, allows independence and gives people a sense of purpose and self worth. Why would we want to work in any other way.

TOGETHER we ARE stronger