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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Getting Care for your Loved Ones

Unfortunately, it’s incredibly common nowadays for people to feel guilty about getting help with care for their loved ones, or even to feel so bad about it that they never actually commit to it. Whilst this is understandable, it’s important to recognize that by not implementing a home care system when it’s necessary, you are […]

Mindfulness and Its Role in Healing

Here at Unique home care, we believe that mindfulness is an important part of providing care. We encourage all of our practitioners to include mindfulness in their daily routines. This is an important tenet of providing quality care. Here are the reasons we think mindfulness is important for caregivers and patients. What is Mindfulness Mindfulness […]

How can mindfulness improve the delivery of care?

Mindfulness is basically ‘present moment awareness’ with a particular attitude toward paying attention to the present moment. Fortunately, the attitudes we practice in mindfulness are inherent in all of us so it’s not a completely new ‘skill’ we need to learn. These attitudes include awareness, non- judgement, acceptance, open-sense of curiosity, non-attachment and compassion. Mindfulness […]