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Number of people living alone with dementia is “set to double”

Number of people living alone with dementia is set to double

If you’ve ever had a family member or friend suffering with dementia, you’ll know just how important a support network, and ultimately unique home care, is in for caring for them. However, an Alzheimer’s charity has predicted this week that by the year 2040, as many as 240,000 people will be living alone with the […]

Dementia rates fall since the 1980s

Dementia Rates Fall Since 1980s

Dementia rates in the western world have dropped by 15 per cent every ten years since 1988, new research has revealed. The Daily Mail shared the findings of the study by scientists at Harvard University, which noted that although the number of people being diagnosed with dementia has increased due to global population growth, individual […]

Dame Barbara Windsor’s husband urges people to check for dementia signs

Dame Barbara Windsor’s Husband Urges People To Check For Dementia Signs

Husbands and wives might be in a flurry of buying each other Valentine’s Day cards and gifts, but the best gesture of love to give your partner this February 14th is to check for early signs of dementia. This is according to Scott Mitchell, husband of Dame Barbara Windsor, who has told the press seeking […]

Brain training “doesn’t prevent dementia”

Brain Training ‘Doesn’t Prevent Dementia’

Doing crossword puzzles and sudoku regularly might be fun, but it won’t necessarily slow the rate of cognitive decline in your brain. That’s the finding of a new study, which revealed that doing these kinds of intellectual puzzles regularly doesn’t slow down your decline or prevent dementia. However, the research carried out at the Aberdeen […]