Be the someone who:

  • Gives us all peace of mind
  • Makes a difference
  • Keeps me at home
  • Keeps me safe and well
  • Promotes my independence
  • Cares for me
unique homecare team member

Why work for Unique?

If you have the right values, there’s a job for everyone!

You could work in a direct care role, management, administration or ancillary such as kitchen or domestic roles. This could be in the community, a care home, a hospice, an office or in someone’s own home.

You’ll make a massive difference to someone’s life

You could work with lots of different people, for example someone with a physical disability, a learning disability and/ or autism, dementia, or help someone recover from an accident. Whoever you work with, you have the potential to make a massive difference to someone’s life. This can make it a very rewarding role, and this is often what people enjoy the most about working in the sector. 

There are lots of opportunities to develop and progress

Unique is growing and changing all the time, which means there are lots of opportunities to develop and progress. When you start working in the sector, you should get an induction which includes the Care Certificate – these are the standard everyone needs to work in the sector. You’ll also usually do training relevant to your role. You can also develop your knowledge through formal qualifications, which includes up to a level 5 in Leadership and Management or a degree for Nurse Practitioner